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Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, researcher, author and founder of Nurturing Childhoods. An online source of knowledge and support to parents and professionals across the globe. With a PhD looking at the effect of practice on children's innate desires to learn and the effect this has on their engagement, Kathryn is a leading expert on the nature of early childhood and the experiences children need to prepare them for all of life’s learning. A world-renowned author and speaker, Kathryn works across disciplines to identify, celebrate and unite nurturing practice in early childhood.

A passionate advocate for children throughout their foundational early years, Kathryn is an active member of global Early Childhood networks. She conducts research for governments and international organisations, writing curricular for various countries and contributes to industry leading publications and guidance such as Birth to 5 Matters.

With the Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner Accreditation, Setting Accreditation, Master’s Degree and the Nurturing Childhoods Community and Talks for parents, Kathryn really is looking to develop a united approach as together we develop the potential of all our children.

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