Teach Outdoors

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Experienced primary teacher, Jo Clanfield, founded Teach Outdoors to encourage and support educators and others working with children, to make the most of the natural environment by taking teaching outdoors, learning outdoors and simply having fun outdoors.

Exciting outdoor experiences can happen anywhere, from a small school playground to a deserted beach to a 100 acre woodland site and everywhere in between. They don’t require special or expensive resources, simply the imaginative use of what is already available, for example, low cost or found materials.

Driven by her passion for the opportunities the outdoor environment offers children to explore and learn, Jo understands the huge benefits in becoming immersed in firsthand outdoor experiences which are as enriching as they are fun, leading to enhanced learning, improved outcomes and raising standards for children of all ages.

Jo works with imagination and enthusiasm on a range of activities, including tailor made projects to support schools; she has the flexibility to bring her experience and understanding to youth groups and others working with children, formally and informally.

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