What is The Childminders Club?

The best supported Childminders...

The Childminders Club is an innovative support network designed to support the professional development of Childminders better than ever before! 

We think ALL childminders are fantastic and a great choice for your childcare requirements but we also understand the unique challenges childminders face.

The Childminders Club was created to bridge the training and support gap available to childminders. Childminders who are part of the The Childminder Club get access to the very best expert training from leading experts and authors, as well as a support community as their virtual staffroom.

You can be confident when choosing a childminder in The Childminders Club that they’re continuously well trained and supported! 

  • Monthly professional development sessions from leading early years experts
  • A support network of other childminders around the country
  • Parent support channels. If you have ANY concerns or questions about your child The Childminders Club support network can help
  • Access to guides and courses for parents to help your child at home – COMING SOON!

Is Your Childminder In The Childminders Club?

YOUR Childminder gets support from these leading experts...

Louise Mercieca
The Health Kick
Graham Tennant
Founder & Early Years Advisor
Dr Sue Allingham
Early Years Out Of The Box Consultancy
Helen Dewhurst
Superhero Sports Academy
Sarah Owen & Rachel McKenna
Pyjama Drama Learning
Amy-Louise Peach
Little Learners Education
Jo Clanfield
Teach Outdoors
Susan Hartley
Yoginis Yoga Training
Dr Kathryn Murray
Future Strong Education
Paloma Forde
Screening 4 Dyslexia
Louise Coleman
Messy Senses Ltd
Helen Battelley
Music & Movement

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