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“School Ready”… or engaged Lifelong Learners

April 27 @ 19:30 - 20:30

About this course:

“School readiness” is a tricky thing to talk about in the early years, especially if you are only caring for very young children or if you have parents with some very strong views.  However, while this term is often misunderstood and misused, the ideas behind it are something we need to think and talk about with every family.

Children who have “quality early years experiences” do so much better when they make that transition into school.  The experiences they are receiving during their foundational years will impact their growth and development tremendously and so “school readiness” can become a keen interest of parents concerned about giving their child the absolute best start and is typically a key factor within inspections.

But children are born eager to learn new skills – whether this is learning to walk, to talk or get their hands on any exciting experience.  Starting from the moment they are born their experiences will effect how much they can concentrate, how easy they find it to understand a lesson and how happy and comfortable they feel within it.  Things you yourself may have struggled with. 

 Join me for this session and understand how you can prepare children for school from their earliest days with you while safeguarding your children from formal approaches diminishing their desires to learn.

This session includes:

  • How do children learn?
  • What are the early experiences that really matter?
  • What is the danger of formal learning approaches?
  • How can you best prepare your children for the classroom?
  • Strategies for sharing all this with your parents.
  • How you can become recognised for the nurturing care you offer.

About your expert

Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, researcher, author and founder of Nurturing Childhoods. An online source of knowledge and support to parents and professionals across the globe. With a PhD looking at the effect of practice on children’s innate desires to learn and the effect this has on their engagement, Kathryn is a leading expert on the nature of early childhood and the experiences children need to prepare them for all of life’s learning. A world-renowned author and speaker, Kathryn works across disciplines to identify, celebrate and unite nurturing practice in early childhood.

A passionate advocate for children throughout their foundational early years, Kathryn is an active member of global Early Childhood networks. She conducts research for governments and international organisations, writing curricular for various countries and contributes to industry leading publications and guidance such as Birth to 5 Matters.

With the Nurturing Childhoods Practitioner Accreditation, Setting Accreditation, Master’s Degree and the Nurturing Childhoods Community and Talks for parents, Kathryn really is looking to develop a united approach as together we develop the potential of all our children.



April 27
19:30 - 20:30

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